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Aircraft Leasing

Avmax Aircraft Leasing (AALI) is dedicated to providing aircraft for sale or lease to customers on a timely and cost-effective basis.  Combined, we are the world’s largest lessor of Bombardier Dash-8 / Q Series and CRJ Series aircraft.  Our fleet also includes the CRJ SE (VIP Conversions), CRJ Corporate Shuttle, and the CRJ Package Freighter aircraft.  With over 100 aircraft owned and over 40 aircraft available from various partnerships, our offering expands to more than 140 aircraft to suit any of your needs.

Our team of professionals currently manages a fleet in excess of 100 aircraft comprising of managed aircraft and our own fleet.  We have knowledge in contracts, maintenance reserves, engines, component overhaul, auditing, lease start and lease returns.

Sales/Lease Back (SLB)

We are willing to look at SLB’s that have a minimum of two years left in the lease and on the Bombardier product line for lessors that wish to sell product in their fleet.  For operators, we will do a SLB and want a minimum 60-month lease period.

Customers, who lease or buy from Avmax, also enjoy the full strength and depth of our maintenance, avionics, engineering, and spares support.  With ever expanding global coverage we are ready to support you.

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