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Our hangar in Great Falls, Montana, USA consists of a 10,500 sq./ft. insolated metal building with 28 ft. high doors, radiant heated concrete floors, and automatic fire alarm and sprinkler system. The facility has cross-ventilated single air flow and meets or exceeds the requirements under the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) code 409 as well as all local regulatory codes.

Equipment On-Site

Wastewater / Chemical Treatment System: Consists of a 200-gallon high impact plastic collection tank and a drum dryer evaporator that evaporates water while collecting waste residue. It is equipped with a 190 CFM vent blower and it is automatically controlled by float switches, temperature sensors and solenoid valves that are capable of processing six gallons per hour with no connection to city sewer.

Cross Flow Unidirectional Ventilation system: Consists of two vertical direct-fired gas heated makeup units with a maximum capacity of 75,000 CFM and 491 FPM face velocity, each coupled with five exhaust fans with a maximum of 29,000 cfm and 191 FPM face velocity. The ventilation control system monitors exhaust fan status through current sensors and differential pressure gauges. The exhaust fans are independently controlled based on the amount of airflow required. A wall-mounted carbon monoxide sensor monitors space CO levels and initiates a visual alarm when levels exceed 50 PPM.

Fire Protection System: Consists of an overhead fire suppression sprinkles system and a fire alarm system that incorporate an automatic monitoring and control system utilizing photoelectric smoke detectors that employ light scattering principles of operation and heat detectors arranged in linear zones. Manual stations are also strategically located. Smoke detectors will sound when smoke obscuration levels in the detector chamber reach the three percent per foot level. The alarm system is monitored 24 hours a day by the local fire department.

 Application Equipment: The facility utilizes state of the art electrostatic equipment, 4 ea. Graco Pro Xs4 provides the necessary technology to reduce waiste paint, control overspray and provide a professional finish. Air is supplied via a Champion compressed air dryer system and it is double filtered before it is delivered to the application equipment.

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