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Al Davies

Chief Sales Officer

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My Story

Al Davies has an extensive aviation journey spanning over 30 years. Al stands as a seasoned aviation executive adept at fostering robust relationships across the global landscape. His journey began at Standard Aero, where he honed his expertise in aviation parts procurement, sales, and the intricate dynamics of engine leasing, repairs, and overhauls. This early foundation served as a cornerstone for Al's ascent.

His pioneering spirit led him to initiate the first Canadian division in Spares with Jet Turbine Services (JTS), a remarkable accomplishment bolstering his reputation. As JTS joined forces with Air Ground Equipment Services (AGES), Al's leadership prowess flourished as he assumed the role of Director of North American Sales & Marketing, overseeing the Canadian distribution facility.

Volvo Aero's acquisition of AGES marked another transformative phase in Al's journey. His role at the helm of sales and marketing strategies for both commercial and regional customers propelled the company forward. He orchestrated engine leasing, secured pivotal consignment agreements, and expertly negotiated provisioning contracts, underscoring his versatility and acumen.

In 2010, Al's impact resonated at Avmax as he embraced the position of Vice President of the Materials & Spares Division. His visionary leadership led to the formation of a dynamic sales team that effectively sells and leases inventory, thereby reinforcing the current aircraft fleet and MROs. Moreover, his dedication to building a formidable customer base culminated in a thriving and profitable Spares Division.

Al Davies's diverse experience equips him to navigate the complexities of acquisitions, sales, and growth, ensuring the alignment of customer needs, industry dynamics, and Avmax's evolving vision. As an integral part of the aviation landscape, his legacy continues to contribute to the industry's growth and innovation.


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