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Corey Meyer

Chief Operating Officer

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My Story

Corey Meyer has a legacy of entrepreneurial leadership spanning over 22 years and continues to be a driving force at Avmax. Corey holds a Bachelor's degree from the University of Calgary, and his entrepreneurial spirit has been instrumental not only at Avmax but also in multiple successful business startups.

Corey Meyer's distinguished career is anchored in the art of crafting and enhancing business models. His expertise is evidenced through strategic planning and the meticulous execution of financial and operational initiatives. His negotiation finesse and robust leadership acumen foster intimate collaborations with executive management, allowing him to spearhead new business goals, ensuring Avmax's enduring success.

Corey's journey with Avmax commenced in 2010, assuming the pivotal role of Vice President and General Manager of the Spares Division. A catalyst of change, he implemented a groundbreaking software platform that seamlessly streamlined processes not just within the Spares Division, but also throughout all Avmax Divisions.

In 2013, Corey embarked on a short hiatus to revisit his entrepreneurial roots. In 2015, he returned as the Vice President of Corporate Development before being appointed COO in 2016. In this elevated capacity, Corey Meyer shoulders the mantle of managing Information Technology, Business Process Improvement, and Marketing functions.

His scope extends beyond traditional confines, as he diligently scrutinizes and executes strategic changes across all Avmax divisions. This meticulous approach ensures that every facet of the company is aligned to deliver maximum benefit and meet organizational objectives. With a stellar track record and unparalleled dedication, Corey Meyer is a cornerstone of Avmax's ongoing journey toward unparalleled excellence.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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