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Steve Hankirk

Chief Executive Officer

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My Story

Steve Hankirk is a seasoned aviation executive with an illustrious career spanning over four decades in the aviation industry. Beginning as a pilot, he quickly ascended the ranks to assume the pivotal role of Chief Pilot, and further established his proficiency as a Transport Canada-approved check pilot. As his journey evolved, Steve embraced diverse managerial responsibilities at esteemed entities including Canadian Regional Airlines and Canadian North.

In 2013, Steve's leadership journey reached a new milestone when he assumed the role of President at Canadian North. Under his stewardship, the airline transformed from a struggling regional carrier into a pioneering force within the aviation landscape. Steve's strategic acumen facilitated the evolution of Canadian North into a multifaceted aviation enterprise, encompassing scheduled and charter flying, maintenance and engineering services, as well as comprehensive pilot and maintenance training programs.

Throughout his tenure at Canadian North, Steve also wielded his influence as the Chairman of the Board for the Air Transport Association of Canada. His commitment to the advancement of the industry and the collective interests of aviation professionals was unwavering.

In July 2019, Steve joined Avmax, taking on the role of Chief Aviation Strategy Officer, a position that underscored his ability to navigate complex aviation landscapes. He was appointed President of Avmax in April 2020, before ultimately being named Avmax CEO in 2022. With his extensive experience and strategic prowess, Steve continues to steer Avmax toward new heights of achievement, embodying a legacy of transformative leadership in the aviation industry.


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