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Avmax Delivers PW150 Engine to Jambojet for DHC-8-Q400 Installation

Calgary, Alberta (December 18, 2023) — Avmax, a leading aviation solutions provider, is pleased to announce the successful delivery of a Pratt & Whitney PW150 engine to our esteemed customer, Jambojet. The engine is destined for installation on a

Bombardier DHC-8-400 aircraft.

Scott Greig, Senior Vice President and Head of Avmax Aircraft Leasing Inc. (AALI), commented on the milestone, stating, "We

are pleased to have completed this transaction with Jambojet. Avmax is committed to providing innovative aviation solutions,

and we look forward to supporting Jambojet's fleet through our Spares and Aircraft Leasing divisions."

Expressing his excitement about the engine delivery, Karanja Ndegwa, Managing Director & CEO of Jambojet, stated, "We are delighted to conclude the acquisition of a PW150 engine from Avmax. Jambojet is grateful for their cooperation, and we look

forward to expanding our relationship with Avmax as we continue to enhance our operational capabilities."

The delivery of the PW150 engine marks a significant collaboration between Avmax and Jambojet, highlighting the commitment of both organizations to advancing the efficiency and reliability of aviation operations.

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